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Opera Glasses

Antique Opera Glasses - The binoculars are in fair condition. The glass lenses are clear, free of breaks, scratches or chips. The focus adjustment knob works well. The leather covering is worn, as shown in the photos, as is the metal. French manufacturer (unconfirmed)

Our Price: $50.00
GPO Galvonmeter

Antique instrument for measuring a small electrical current or a function of the current by deflection of a moving coil.

Our Price: $125.00
Antique Military Field Glasses

Chancellor & Son, Dublin & Paris No S 78 w/ case

Our Price: $130.00
Vintage Fan

Vernado Fan C. 1945 was the breakthrough design for the production of fans. This 7" model will still keep you cool today!

Our Price: $180.00
Antique 2 Bulb Opthmascope

"Theodore Hamblin" Opthamascope Circa 1950's manufactured in London England for diagnostic use. (Missing 1 bulb)

Our Price: $210.00
C.L.B. Hygroscope

C.L. Burrick Mfg. Co., 40-44 Holborn Viaduct, London E.C. 1
Hygroscope w/instructions in original wooden box

Our Price: $260.00
Brass Telescope

Antique Brass Telescope in original Mahogany Case. Excellent condition!

Our Price: $260.00
Surveyors Instrument

Surveyors instrument in original box

Our Price: $300.00
Art Deco Barometer

Barometer-made in England

Our Price: $300.00
Columbia Gramophone

Great condition - it is missing the needle screw. (The screw that tightens to hold the needle in place.)

Our Price: $300.00
Tyrela Gramaphone

Rare antique mahogany gramaphone. Front doors open to expose frieze.
Very good condition.

Our Price: $340.00
Antique Knife Cleaner

1870 -1882 - 1887: Kent knife cleaner (missing handle)

Our Price: $475.00
Conquet Phonogram

Conquet phonogram used to play "music tubes".

Our Price: $540.00
Musical Cigarette Box

Mint condition! Musical cigarette box with Mother of Pearl Inlay, plays "Kiss of Fire" when opened.

Our Price: $600.00
Stereoscope Viewer c. 1920's

Stereoscope used for education in schools, complete with slides.

Our Price: $850.00